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Housing Association Software Inc (HASoftware) was incorporated in the state of Nevada by Dave P Nottingham, Bill Whipple and Diane Smith.

The object was to provide a cost effective software solution for management companies and self managed HOA's that concentrated on the core business requirements of the HOA, rather than the larger rental market.

The first product was a web based management tool and HOA website, but the vision was to build a cloud based desktop version and work began on both writing the software and the infrastructure to support it requiring a separate database and website domain for each HOA allowing eDocuments to take over from traditional mail.


First desktop application released

We asked and listened. An easy to navigate application to manage accounting, homeowners, reserve study, maintenance and board interaction was what the industry wanted


HOA Websites Updated

HOA3, the third generation of interactive websites was released. Providing homeowners with the ability to see their account in real time, pay online, view HOA documents and a host of other functions. Board members could view financials, violations and other restricted information


HOA Manager 2012 released in April

Built using Windows Forms and designed to run on XP and above



HOA Manager 2015 released in April


Built using WPF (Windows Presentation Format) HOA Manager 2015 is designed to run on Windows 7 and above

The general layout is pretty much the same as HOA Manager 2012, although HOA Defaults and Personal Preferences have now been moved to the Administration tab. HOA Manager 2015 is not just a makeover, but built from scratch. It looks a little fresher, and is easier to navigate, but the real difference is 'under the hood' - especially the way documents are now handled, making more efficient use of your bandwidth.

Smart Manager released in December

Smartphone Violations has been replaced by Smart Manager we are adding Work Orders and much more. Whatever you want to accomplish whilst walking the property, we intend to add it the list of Smartphone features