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Dave P Nottingham - Business Application Developer

Dave came to Nevada, from the UK, in 2006 and is one of the founders of HASoftware

Has been writing accounting and management software since 1985

  • Proficient at networking from Netware 286 2.x (1986) and Netware 3.x (1990) to the latest Windows server systems
  • Builds all server hardware in-house
  • Lotus (now IBM) Notes Developer since version 1.1 (1990)
  • Writes desktop and web based applications

Teri Bath - Business Development

Teri Bath joined HASoftware in 2010 and became National Director of Sales in July of 2011.

Teri has extensive background in Sales and Marketing. She successfully owned and operated several service businesses in Nevada and Idaho that led to a ten year career as Operating Officer and President of The Eagle Chamber of Commerce in Eagle, Idaho.

Her immediate goal for HASoftware is to propel this benchmark product to the leading HOA software in the nation.

Teri currently is on the Regional Advisory Board for the Northern Nevada Make A Wish Foundation, Marketing Director for Garden Shop Nursery and an Ambassador with the Reno Chamber of Commerce .

Bill Whipple - Board Liason

Bill came to Nevada, from California and is one of the founders of HASoftware

Bill has spent many years working for, and understanding the shortcomings of, HOA's and HOA Management companies